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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 24, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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>> harris: this is "the fox report." tonight financial drives for american investors again? are financial markets ready to reopen in the morning for the kind of uncertainty some experts are saying they haven't seen since the recession. and what does iran want now? they say they just rounded up some americans in their country. iran, claiming it has arrested a dozen cia agents. but we have heard this kind of thing before. tonight, an expert on what iran might be up to. plus, it hit a cliff at 200 miles an hour. >> i saw this fireball and all
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of a sudden kaboom. >> it didn't look like something could survive anything like that. >> a holiday plane crash changes a family forever. >> and fox news is with american troops getting a taste of home this thanksgiving. >> never get tired of mom's cooking. >> there are no holidays in the war zone. americans being told to get out now. that is the warning from u.s. officials to our citizens in syria. i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. the u.s. embassy in damascus urging all americans to leave syria immediately while flights are still available. the u.s. ambassador already gone, citing fear for his safety. there is word from washington he won't be going back as planned. this as the syrian government's bloody crack down rages on. the united nations estimating some 3500 people have been killed in clashes between
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ashare's government forces and his citizens. now the league giving 24 hours to allow observers to enter that nation or face economic punishment. james rosen from our d.c. newsroom. james, just a few minutes ago a french news agency reporting that syria's rebel army calling for air strikes inside his own country to speed up the government's fall. >> harris, good evening, this chief of the syrian rebel's nassant military wing in turkey. strategic strikes without foreign boots on the ground. tonight evidence that western officials remain reluctant to adopt that strategy. we start with the arab league who symbolled it might move to halt flights to and from syria along with all dealings with syrian central bank. at the same time european leaders warned against any western backed military campaign to oppose bashar assad. >> i think it's a message to
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stick to line approach. because non-reaction could provoke war inside syria. and it could be the worst situation for the country. >> u.s. says the goal is to halt the violence and to see assad step down, harris. >> the french have taken an important diplomatic step of their own. >> yes. the french have tentatively recognized the syrian opposition as, quote, the legit interlocutory for the zone. escalating homelessness, disease and fuel shortages. the west is looking for ways to support the opposition short of a libya style nato campaign. >> if you are going to try to start supplying the opposition, the free syrian army with military aid, you are going to need a way to do that through the turkish border is obviously one way. through the lebanese syrian
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border is another. but the notion of applying a no fly, no-drive, no move zone as we did in libya is a far riskier proposition. >> miller added it's only a matter of time before next domino to fall in the middle east but it will take time for that to happen. harris? >> james rosen, thank you very much. >> and news from the region breaking all day on this holiday. egypt, a country on the brink of electing a new government tonight in the throws of second revolution this year. more chaos in cairo's tahrir square. we are learning of sexual assaults. one egyptian woman saying police attacked her after arresting her during the protest and a french journalist saying she was violently beaten and sexually assaulted by a group of teenagers. caught in the middle of the police and military push against antigovernment protesters, the three american
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students you are looking at in this picture here. they all attend cairo university and arrested earlier this week. but today an egyptian court issuing an unexpected order to release those american students. the mom of one of the young men telling the associated press the news of their release is the best thanksgiving gift possible. and now we move to iran. where a state-run news agency today is quoting a lawmaker there who says officials have arrested 12 cia agents. a cia spokesperson declining to comment on the situation except to say the agency does not discuss such allegations. but iran has made similar claims like this before without offering any sort of proof. and it comes at a time of growing international pressure as you may know for iran to stop its nuclear program. iran insisting that program is not for weapons but for power and medical technology. joining us by phone now, fox news national security analyst k.t. mcfarland to talk more on this. she has worked in several administrations, including that of former president ronald reagan.
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k.t., you are with us? >> yes. >> iran says it has rounded up the cia agents. they say the say thing a few months ago. what are we to believe. >> i think they have round up the cia agent. the spy wars are heating up in the middle east. back in june, lebanon's hezbollah leader sheik nazareth la, he announced that he captured two cia spies that he said infiltrated hezbollah. it is closely connected to iran and it's iran's terrorist arm. since that has happened. the spy networks have been rolled up throughout the region. earlier this month there was an explosion outside tehran at a missile area. ahead of their missile program. some think it might have been an accident it was probably sabotage it was probably some of these spy networks. we know the israeli government is considering an attack, a preemptive attack on iran's nuclear site. they are discussing it openly and publicly. it would be prudent for them to get as much intelligence as they can prior to this. and that's the problem.
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is that what the iranians are doing is they are rounding up the very people who are trying to find out as much as they possibly can about iran's nuclear site. >> harris: right. from what i understand, the impetus for keeping them alive might not be that great. >> well, in the past, when iran has done, this they have either na announced that they have captured or killed or that they have captured, yeah. i think what they're -- what iran wants to do is have us and the israelis be blind. so that if the israelis or the united states are considering any military option, and, remember, president obama has said the military option is still on the table. the israeli leaders have said the military option is still on the table. iran has said they are not really developing nuclear weapons, but we know that two weeks ago the united nations u.n. watchdog on nuclear development has said no iran, absolutely is moving along the road of making nuclear weapons. what they are doing can no longer be excused as just a
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nuclear energy problem. but it is a nuclear weapons program. >> real quickly, are we moving closer to that point where that option, everybody calls the last resort is closer? >> here is the problem. we had known for years we would ultimately have to face the decision, bombing iran or letting iran get the bomb. the clock is ticking to find a third option. some kind of a serious economic sanctions. but, no, we are getting to that point and we're getting to that point very quickly. >> k.t. mcfarland national security analyst for fox news channel. we appreciate your contribution tonight. the biggest shopping day of the year beginning before many of you grab that second helping of thanksgiving dinner. black friday starting earlier than ever. offering huge deals to people willing to ditch the holiday. can a mart opening at 6:00 this morning. shoppers stampeding before through the doors before the sun was up. others camping outside best buy store to line up to be first for advertised deals. we are in the thick of now what i guess is black
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thursday. >> we just kind of started doing and it every year it's something we look forward to doing. you know, just keep traditions going. >> it's a tradition. usually every year we come out and we love it it's just the hype of being -- trying to be the first one in line. >> harris: shopping on the day we all give thanks for all we have not so poplar with some people, particularly some of the retail workers on this holiday. our laura ingle with the news from our new york city newsroom. >> harris, retailers are stuffing even more time into the holiday shopping season. chain stores have been pushing up opening times for a while now. retail analysts say this year is an all-time tipping point as thanksgiving night shoves friday morning off the calendar as the official holiday kickoff. big stores getting a jump on the spending season include kohl's, macy's best buy, and target. all opening at midnight. wal-mart peeling its doors open at 10:00. the earliest of all, toys r us, opening at 9:00 p.m. tonight.
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the toy store ceo says it's due to customer demand. >> gives them an opportunity to go shopping and then, if the customers choose, they can finish all their holiday shopping at toys r us and go home and go to sleep. >> not everyone is thrilled. some employees are upset they don't have all day and night to spend with family. others point out you have to spend money to make money and questions if it adds up. >> do they make that much off those all night hours do. they make that much to off set the cost to heat the building, cool the building depending where they are in the climate to have the security they need? it's a good question. >> online petition created by a nebraska target employee called on target to push back opening time to 5:00 a.m. on black friday. over 190,000 people signed it but target isn't budging. the retail giant says their customers want to shop on thanksgiving and that hourly employees get holiday pay. according to the national retail federation, up to 152 million people plan to shop black friday weekend.
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that's up from 10% from last year. harris? >> harris: all right, laura, thank you very much. even on this thanksgiving, our u.s. troops cannot let their guards down in afghanistan as you might imagine. the military though making sure it feels a little bit more like a holiday. fox news is with our american forces on the front lines. and a new effort to put up a fence along the u.s. border with mexico. this time, get, this lawmakers say it won't cost taxpayers a dime. how are they going to do that? sg a gift needs. wait a minute...i... [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] the lexus december to remember sales event is here, but only for a limited time. see your lexus dealer. [ slap! slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums
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>> harris: state lawmakers in arizona collecting depositions from the public to build a fence across the nation's southern border with mexico. and they say they hope to break ground next year. arizona governor jan brewer signing a bill approving the fence back in april. and the republic state senator who came up with the idea says people from around the country have already donated more than $250,000 to the project but it still has a ways to go. officials estimating each mile of sentence will cost nearly a
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half million dollars. arizona also using the donations to defend its immigration law considered one of the nation's in the nation. a federal judge has blocked a key part of it, including a requirement for immigrants to carry registration papers. the governor is appealing. well, there are no holidays in a war zone. but our u.s. military is on a mission to bring the taste of home to our troops serving overseas. 97,000 soldiers spending thanksgiving in afghanistan tonight instead at home with their loved ones. those bastes in remote provinces helicopters delivered turkey dinners. biggest challenge for some is being so far away from family. >> i miss them very much. i'm thinking of them every day. and i wish i could spend this holiday with them i know they are having a good thanksgiving. >> aside from the holiday feast, president obama continuing another tradition, the commander and chief calling ten men and women from all branches of the military thanking them for their
7:16 pm
service and sacrifice. our conor powell is in afghanistan. >> the days start early at combat outpost nevada in afghanistan province even on thanksgiving. >> pretty much a regular day for us. i mean, we have got to stay vigilant. have guys maintain their areas of security. >> 2,000 feet above the valley, this base is cold small and remote. most days donkeys carry food to the soldiers living here. >> not quite the macy's day parade but we have our surveillance blimp circling above trying to keep these guys safe from the insurgents in the area. >> the top army commander is just arriving here at combat outpost to try to wish the troops here a happy thanksgiving. >> since today is thanksgiving, hot chaw is being brought in by visiting commanders on helicopters. >> 9:auto in the morning the helicopter just brought the turkey and stuffing and it comes in green boxes. food will be available all day for the troops here. off in the distance we can hear gunfire there are no days
7:17 pm
off here in afghanistan. right now the taliban are attacking afghan army base. >> once the fighting dies down, it's time to eat it may not be grandmother's dining room. compared to how these guys normally eat. this is a feast. just how small the base is, they are eating on the roof of where they sleep every single day. >> can never compare to mom's cooking, you know, the biggest thing is the leftovers. thanksgiving as well as making sandwiches with leftover turkey and everything else. it's just not the same. it's turkey though. it works. it's as good as it's going to get up here. >> is it possible to really enjoy thanksgiving while at cop nevada in afghanistan? >> pretty much. we enjoy amongst ourselves, you know. i mean, we have got to remember we are in afghanistan. guys can't get complacent up there. pretty much having each other, keeps guys in good spirits. >> in kunar province, conor powell. harris back to you. >> conor, thank you. >> while many americans cozy
7:18 pm
up to the fireplace after a day of eating, those occupy protesters still out the cold. winter is approaching. what the chilly weather could mean for the movement nationwide. plus, it's the only hijacking in u.s. history to go unsolved. tonight, forensic scientists saying we could be closer than ever knowing the identity of the real d.b. cooper. congratulations. congralations. today, the city of charlotte can use verizon technology to inspire binesses to conserve energy and monitor costs. making communities greener... congratulations. ... and buildings as valuable to the bottom line... whoa ! ... as the people inside them. congratulations. because when you add verizon to your company, you don't just add, you multiply. ♪ discover something new... verizon. [ knock on door ] coo you found it. wow. nice place. ye. [ chuckles ]
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>> harris: members of the occupy wall street movement giving thanks. one protester here in new york city saying she helped prepare 3,000 meals for people camped out at zuccotti park wall street. passed out gluten free and vegetarian options which restaurants donated. police raided that park last
7:22 pm
week. they told protesters they had to go so clean up the place. a judge later upheld the decision but ruled they could return without the tents and camping stoves. moves like that could make the coming months difficult for those occupiers. mike tobin on how one group plans to handle the colder weather. >> with numbers divind bling and winter approaching, the occupy movement, at least in indianapolis, appears to be adopting a practice of protest by proxy. >> the majority of the folks that are making a presence here on site seem to be homeless people. >> the homeless are encouraged to maintain a presence. >> do you sleep outside? is there a tent? >> there is a van that we sleep in if we need sleep. but most of us actually stay out all night. >> fox news has obtained an audio recording of a web seminar conducted november 9th with occupy indianapolis organizers speaking from their homes and the demonstrators who live on the streets.
7:23 pm
>> i feel bad. and i personally feel bad that we have you guys out there. and there there seems to be no purpose of it other than -- other than show that indianapolis has a physical occupation. you know, because you are pretty much our billboard. for occupy indianapolis. >> so standing numbers is going to be a challenge for the occupy movement as the weeks roll on. here we are in indianapolis. it's rainy, cold, miserable. a number of demonstrators has dwindled down to three. >> a lot of people can't stay. you know, i get down there and stay as long as i can. i stayed one night late, you know. but i got kids at home. >> but the demonstrators we saw promised they can maintain a presence through the winter and hope to make a mark on one of the most widely viewed institutions. >> i say we all gear up and
7:24 pm
get ready to occupy the steps of lucas oil stadium on super bowl night. >> i would be down for that, man. >> wouldn't that be something? get arrested right away. >> we would be arrested before the tent hit the ground. >> and these demonstrators aspire to increase their numbers once springtime brings better weather. in indianapolis, mike tobin, fox news. >> today marks 40 years since the hijackers calling himself d.b. cooper jumped to his place in american folklore. new evidence could help finally solve the case. sthifing 171. and a man o. board a flight from portland to seattle claimed to have a bomb. he demanded $200,000 in cash and some parachutes. then he jumped. the fbi scoured the area, eventually turning up some of the cash but the hijacker long gone. now scientists working for the fbi say they found a critical clue hidden on cooper's clip on tie. trace amounts of titanium. one of the few places to have
7:25 pm
titanium back then was the boeing airplane plant in seattle that could mean cooper may have worked with the metal there or with a boeing supplier. wall street closed for the holiday but stocks in europe taking a beating today. the debt crisis there, you know it is spreading. as workers in yet another european country strike over budget cuts. plus: >> last evening, the plane crashed into the superstition mountains and no one could survive that crash. >> a plane crash in arizona. kills six people. including three young children. stay close. [ male announcer ] in his eyes...a race needs no finish line. ♪ in her eyes... the world is never too big.
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>> harris: a 9-year-old girl keeps her cool when she meets a suspected thief inside her own home face to face. it is our top story on a fox trip across america. >> new jersey. the little girl, home sick from school, when she spotted the man. >> i saw the guy standing there. i'm like i don't know that guy. >> police say she ran off and called her mom, who called 911. officers saying she gave a great description of the suspect. >> she was -- had orange hair. he had a black hat on and he had a backpack. >> that helped lead to his arrest. california. a lifeguard crew towing a dead whale that washed ashore from san diego. national marine fishery service take a look at it
7:30 pm
trying to figure out how it died. new york a reunion. 66 years in the making in new york city. a jewish holocaust survivor meeting the family who rescued her and her family. >> what they did for me, i wouldn't be sitting here today and talking to you if not for them. >> we're told neighbors turned them in and they all went to prison before russian soldiers freed them. the group set to tour the big apple this holiday weekend. illinois. a 102-year-old man finally deciding to retire from his job north of chicago. he has reportedly been doing odds and ends for a company for four jernses. >> in my house. i feel that this is the beginning of a good ending. >> he was also a police officer and served in the military. and that's a fox watch across america. >> i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. you are watching the fox
7:31 pm
report. u.s. markets taking a break for this thanksgiving. and that probably is a good thing considering the scene in europe. take a look. >> there is chaos in portugal. staging a strike angry at tough budget cuts because of that country's economic crisis. portugal's mess made even worse today when a financial firm downgraded that nation wants debt to junk. of course, it's similar to the economic collapse we have seen in greece that started the whole mess in europe. europe's markets reacting to portugal. don't think it's just affecting europe. your 401(k) taking a hit as well. the dow down 236 points just yesterday adding to a loss of about 6%. for this month alone. joining me on the phone now is jonathan hoenig from capitalist
7:32 pm
jonathan, thank you for being with us tonight. some experts calling this a crisis not unlike the ones we saw in our markets during the recession. why? >> harris, thank you. happy thanksgiving to all of our viewers. this is a crisis. i mean, europe is essentially on the verge of imploding. all of the years of entitlement spending the debt, the collectiveist economic system. some are calling the days of the euro could be, perhaps, nourished. it's putting fear in all assets. i think that's the problem for us here at home, harris, 401(k)'s. as you pointed out the market almost down 6% this month. and our own economy at best, europe that is front page and the number one fear for most stock investors right now. >> jonathan, what are europe's options that would quiet the markets? >> fortunately options at this point has been bailouts which have not worked.
7:33 pm
time and time again. and i think that's why you have started to see so many of europe's debt start to -- interest rates start to climb up. we have seen it in greece as you pointed out. we have seen it now in portugal, in spain. the countries in europe that have spent the most are feeling the heat the most. and we have seen new euro era highs and interest rates for all these indebted countries. there is not a lot of solutions, unfortunately for them. i guess unfortunately for us here at home, the solutions have started to dwindle as well. we know the super committee failed to reach an agreement slashing the size of the nation's government, the nation's debt. that's making a lot of market watchers wonder whether europe's situation could actually tumble back and hit us here at home as well. >> you know, jonathan, i have heard you say this is more than just a cautionary tale for this country that we ought to have our faces pressed up against the glass watching. this yeah. there is no question. debt is the -- at the center of the crisis in europe right
7:34 pm
now. ironically, i have got to tell you, harris, we have been the beneficiary of it as bad as europe is. our own debt, despite all of our own problems, despite our own downgrade here at home, is starting to look pretty attractive to the world community given how bad it is in europe. our own market as you pointed out has been down this month. we are still only slightly down year-to-date and harris, you have to think that we are the most free individualistic entrepreneurial country in the history of mankind. i think this is going to turn around and we will see higher prices as the year goes on. >> some on michelle there. before i let you go, what about china? because now i'm reading they don't want any part of absorbing anybody's else's debt either at this point. >> china has been thought of as the great bailout if you will. not only in terms of demand for product but also demand for your own debt. isn't going to be on the lookout for us at home if the world starts to lose faith in our own ability to pay our bills just as they have in europe, that could derail any
7:35 pm
potential for a u.s. recovery in 2012 and beyond. >> harris: all right. jonathan hoenig, thank you very much for that thanksgiving message. we will see what happens in when our own markets open tomorrow morning. we might remind everybody it's just a half day of trading tomorrow. jonathan, thank you. a pilot flying his children home for thanksgiving when their plane goes down in flames and everybody on board is killed it land in arizona and apparently caught on camera. witnesses saying the small plane hit a cliff at 200 miles per hour and then exploded. >> i looked up and i saw this fireball and it rose up and then all of the sudden kaboom: that's when spread whatever fuel and everything all over the place. >> the way the fireball was and the way the impact the way the debris was thrown in the fire was burning, it didn't look like anybody could survive something like that. >> harris: nobody did survive.
7:36 pm
the pilot and his three children and two other men on board all killed. the local sheriff saying dad had just picked up his children from his ex-wife's home outside of phoenix. the announcement of a united states backed deal for yemen's president a step down sparking more protests in that al qaeda hot spot. demonstrators have been calling for president to hand over power. thousands of yemenese say the deal is not enough. here is reena ninan. >> hi, harris, agreed to a deal to step down. that hasn't stopped protests from raging on in yemen. [sirens] >> at least five protesters were killed by pro-government forces, one day after yemeni president signed a u.s.-backed power transfer deal brokered largely by saudi arabia. protesters are angry with the deal because it grants immunity from prosecution. thousands took to the streets and chanted no immunity for the killer. if the deal holds, it will be the fourth arab leader ousted
7:37 pm
during arab spring uprising this year. [chanting] >> this evening, we are also watching egypt while protesters were more subdued than previous days, thousands still came to the square calling for the ruling military party to step down. police and protesters agreed to a truce negotiated by muslim clerics. after the clashes left 40 dead since saturday. for the first time egypt's ruling military council apologized for the deaths of the protesters. they also said scheduled elections will take place on monday. harris? >> harris: reena ninan, thank you very much. new signs the country faces security challenges as u.s. troops begin to head home from iraq. three bombs exploding today. reportedly killing at least 19 people and hurting dozens more. it happened in the southern port city of bazra. bloodstaining the streets there after two bombs went off simultaneously. a third explosion right where people had gathered. officials saying high ranking army and police officers are among the dead and at least 65
7:38 pm
people are hurt. well, you think your job is tough. try working with heavy steel at great heights and extreme weather conditions. the iron workers at the world trade center former site building what is said to be the tallest structure in our great nation. the rise of freedom next. [ male announcer ] the inspiring story
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one world trade center. up there we found a dedicated group of workers who brave harsh elements and face serious danger to rebuild what terrorists destroyed. shepard smith reports on the iron workers. ♪
7:42 pm
>> i was just a kid, you know. i see things like that, it was like a nightmare. >> shepard: on september the 11th, 2011, tommy hickey was work okay a project just a few blocks from the world trade center. >> when the pillars came down i was 20 years old. just had my first boy. came right over. a couple he iron workers to help out. i was down here for like three days straight. >> now among a small group of people leading the way on the rebuilding effort. a fourth generation iron worker. >> father, grandfather, great grandfather. uncles, great uncles on my mother and father's side. >> this place, it seems, is in his booed blood. >> my father worked on the original trade center when he was 16. >> shepard: iron workers usually work in twos. hickey and his partner michael rile little are connectors. >> we set he is on one end of the steel and i'm on the other. we hit two bolts and we are out of there.
7:43 pm
we go on to the next. >> o'reilly's father was also a iron worker who helped build the original. >> he took a fall doing what i do now connecting. and he was actually ultimately paralyzed from that fall. i worked on tower 7 before he passed away. i mean, i made him proud about -- >> shepard: the job hasn't changed much since their fathers worked on the twin towers nor since iron workers first rested on the beemtion of the empire state building. they are constructing this sky scraper two stories at a time. whenever they move up, they begin raising the interior core. they then bring in the perimeter columns and secure them with connecting beams. finally they add the framing which will support each floor. it's dangerous work. >> i mean, with us, we are look a team so it rarely happens that any of us get hurt. but accidents do happen around here.
7:44 pm
it's an unforgiving job. you know what i mean? >> hickey got a fresh reminder of that recently when he pinched his hand between two beams splitting it open. >> we were setting a column and i put my hand in the wrong spot. you know. got to pay attention to everything you do. it's in the back of your mind. you are constantly thinking about it it's what keeps you sharp, i think. >> in addition to the height and heavy equipment. iron workers have to worry about the weather. >> it's different up there. right now it feels nice and up stairs it's about 20 degrees difference. colder, wind is blowing at you. >> all the wind comes right down the river and we get it full blast. >> shepard: when the gusts top 30 miles per hour, the iron workers stop work though tell us they lose a day of progress each week because of the high winds i'm outside working all day. harsh in the summer. look at the crews we have. >> iron workers, you can't talk enough about the iron
7:45 pm
workers. they are great guys. they really are. >> mike is the superintendent in charge of the construction at one world trade center. he says the folks on top are a particularly dedicated group of workers. >> the iron workers are the guys that always lead the charge. you know, they are the guys you rely on to put the steel up. they're the tough guys. got the crane. whenever i have a problem on site. they will be the first guys with the crane or stop what they're doing. i can't say enough about these guys. really good group of people. >> shepard: people who say they're proud to be piecing together this building 10 years after the attacks. >> i'm not in the military or anything like that. so this is my way of giving back to the country and to the victims of what happened down there. you know. finally, starting to show, you know. six stories up. i have been here from the start. >> wow, thank goodness for them. could you do that? i couldn't do that shep says when our cameras were up there a few days ago the 86th floor was the eye highest level. they were installing for 87
7:46 pm
and 88. wow. another report on the rise of freedom tomorrow night and for all stories for rise of freedom series. you have to watch the whole thing great on our web site at a couple of erks earthquakes rattling japan. that country reporting one of the quakes a magnitude 6.0 hitting off the coast near the already ravaged fukushima power plant. they did not issue a tsunami report and no reports of any damage fortunately. you remember a massive 9.0 magnitude quake and tsunami devastated that same area just in march. japan lies on what's known as the ring of fire, an arc of earthquake and volcanic zones that stretches around the rim. 90% of the world's quakes occur in that area. congresswoman gabriel giffords taking a break from intense therapy to head home for the holidays and spend part of her thanksgiving serving turkey to our nation's heros.
7:47 pm
more on gabby's big day with the troops when the fox report rolls along. >> i'm stationed at ball gram air field in afghanistan. happy thanksgiving to my family back in fateville, north carolina. hope to see you soon. god bless. epyheads. there are tools to be had. starting at 5:00 a.m. friday, the sawdust-makers, the hole-drillers, and the get-it-done machines all cost less. a lot less. so let's load them in our sleighs and call them by name. on ryobi. on dremel. on dewalt and makita. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. here's what the early bird gets. an 18-volt, two-piece ryobi combo kit for just $49.88. ♪
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>> harris: a fast moving wildfire destroys more than 20 homes our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> australia: [explosion] >> harris: officials saying the fire was part of of a forest burning operation that got out of control. crews evacuating hundreds of people around the area.
7:51 pm
the flames do i having houses and farmland and threatening vineyards. schools and roads in the region also closed. china, a truck packed with people running off the road and falling more than 350 feet into a river. we're told the small vehicle was illegally carrying 19 people. the wreck killed 17 of them rescuers the other two to a hospital. investigators trying to figure out what caused the crash workers now removing them. india. a newborn rye naws russ calf. the place has a dozen rhinos, six boys and six girls.
7:52 pm
conservationists trying to increase with breeding program. the travel said to be healthy. he looks hungry. >> a congressional visit from one heck of a survivor. gabriel giffords. dropping by the dining hall at the air force base in tucson, arizona thanking men and women in uniform for their service. giffords was among 19 people shot. six people died that day. her husband, retired astronaut mark kelly helping her work the turkey station today. we are told base officials originally had asked for someone from giffords staff to show up but when she heard about the holiday dinner, she wanted to be there herself. and for our soldiers on duty overseas a special meal while they work. dominic di-natale is there. >> harris, today the attacks in basra were sharp reminders of how iraqis still not a stable or entirely secure country. however, things are nowhere near as bad as they were.
7:53 pm
there used to be 1500 attacks like this amongst the just now 100. that's still a very large figure. u.s. servicemen and women that we spoke today said they were glad to be leaving iraq while events like this were still taking place and this is what they told us thrgets is my first thanksgiving and hopefully my last. >> great significance as far as in the mission and completing the mission and future success of this country. >> we're going home to our loved ones. >> harris, getting home is what everybody here is very much focused on. 20,000 soldiers or thereabouts still in the country. a thousand a day. they should almost all be gone part of a small constituency called the mighty 157. that's the number of u.s. servicemen and women that will remain here in dedicated training and assists missions likes of the air force, the navy, and some heavy artillery that the iraqis need training. in they will be gone in six months, perhaps 12 months.
7:54 pm
their position is called an enduring stance. that means they will be here for longer. america probably with the strategic relationship it needs with iraq in this region will have enduring relationship and possibly even longer presence beyond that harris, back to you. >> harris: dominic di-natale, thank you very much. rolling stone magazine just named the greatest guitar player of all time. who took the top spot and reveal other rockers. do you think you know who it is? stay with us. plus omega-3 dha is a complete multivitamin for adults. plus an excellent source of omega-3 dha in a great tasting gummy. one a day, gummies for grown-ups. shouldn't it be given in an amazing way? ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is here, but only for a limited time. see your lexus dealer.
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and women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. you need simple blood tests to check for liver problems. tell your doctor if you are taking other medications, or if you have any muscle pain or weakness. this may be a sign of a rare but serio side effect. [ man ] still lo that wind in my face talk to your doctor. don't kid yourself about the risk of heart attack and stroke. if lipitor's been working for you, stay with it. lipitor may be available for as little as $4 a month with the lipitor co-pay card. terms and conditions apply. learn more at >> harris: jimmy hundred dress putting together a list of best guitarist. hendrix who usually played upside down fender's restrung for the left hand ending up at number 1. he is followed by eric clapton and former led zeppelin guitarist jimmy page. richards, b.b. king and chuck
7:58 pm
berry. they are all awesome. a guy who plays hockey with his friends for fun just had the experience of a lifetime. an nhl team temporarily signed him last night as a back up goalie. 51-year-old paul deutsche elm broadry shop owner and dad last night was a member of the minnesota wild for just a bit. the team inviting him to join at the very last second after the regular goalie's wife went into labor. he didn't actually end up having to take the ice though. the backup goalie showed up in time. a look at headlines on this holiday. a massive monkey wowing millions of people during its first appearance the in macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city. this picture sent to us by a balloon handler today. and the economic crisis in europe getting even ugly ler as portugal's debt rating is now downgraded to junk. that could mean a wild day on wall street. be watching when the markets reopen tomorrow. iran claiming captured a dozen cia agents so far not offering
7:59 pm
any proof and the cia is not commenting. >> on this day in 197 of 63 jack ruby killed lee harvey oswald. police were trying to move him to a county jail when ruby sprang from the crowd and shot him with a .38 revolver. as you can see it was caught on camera. police immediately detained ruby local strip club owner said the hit was revenge for kennedy's murder. some called him a hero but a jury found him guilty of murder and sentenced him to die. ruby died of cancer behind bars while waiting for a new trial. he killed the president's alleged assassin 48 years ago today. and that is how fox reports on this thanksgiving day 2011. our thanks to all the men and women serving this great nation around the world, helping it make -- help it make it even be a better holiday for all of


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